New Patients

Retina-Vitreous Associates Medical Group specializes in the treatment of diseases affecting the back of the eye, specifically those of the retina, vitreous, and macula. Patients are typically referred by their general ophthalmologist when a retinal problem is suspected. We care for patients with macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment, retinal vein occlusions, uveitis, ocular tumors and pediatric retinal diseases.
First Appointment

Your first appointment with us will most likely be a result of a referral from another medical doctor. Your referring doctor will complete a consult request form which you will bring with you on the day of your first visit. The appointment will involve a comprehensive eye evaluation, including a detailed examination of your vitreous and retina.

Please complete the New Patient Packet and Medical Records Release and send it back to us either via email at or bring it with you to your first appointment.

Female medical office staff member smiling while talking with patient
Insurance & Billing

We accept most health insurance plans, including Medicare and Medi-Cal. Please be sure you bring insurance cards and referral forms for your first visit.

If you are a member of an HMO, you must have an authorization number and/or your physician referral with you. Otherwise, your examination could be cancelled or delayed. To find out if we received your authorization, please contact our HMO department at 213-483-8810. Also, expect to pay your co-payment and any deductible amounts at the time of your appointment. If special payment arrangements are necessary, please contact our office staff, at 213-483-8810 prior to your appointment.